Ruohong Wu (1985, China) is working as an artist, architect and publisher. She is originally educated at Architectural Association London. Since 2012 she starts to practice parallelly as an artist. Her current artistic work often deals with the topic called “cultural gap”, which focuses on the sudden jump from sophisticated classic craftsmanship into mass-produced duplicates. She attempts to provide another aspect to treat the relationship between industrial and craft methods, not as contradictions, but possibilities to transfer cultural conflict into new aesthetic values. Her work is not limited to one material or technique, but all are centred by the argument of what is considered as beauty and uglyness, out-of-dated and new, useless and valuable.

Since 2014, she has started a series of projects in the border between art and design, of which every project deals with a specific scenario in a city she has been lived. For example, All different All equal(2014-2016) aims to attach a new meaning to the phrase “made in China” by using the country’s infamous mass-production methods to create unique porcelain vessels. A bad mass production piece makes use of surplus in Dutch textile factories that are going to be thrown away to create sublime and exclusive objects.

Her artistic an architectural work has been exhibited and presented internationally such as The Aram Gallery London(2019), BEER Gallery London(2019), London Design Festival(2019), Somerset House London(2018), Milan design week (2015, 2017), Antwerp art weekends (2016,2017), Madrid city hall(2016-17). And widely published in Dezeen, the New York Times, El Croquis, Milk, Cover magazine, etc. She has been teaching and lecturing at Architectural Association School London, Ku Leuven University Ghent, Shanghai JiaoTong University, China Academy of Art, Universidad Europea de Madrid and IED Istituto Europeo di Design Madrid.