Chinese Games

kind: porcelain

location: JingDeZhen, China

year: 2015


Chinese Games is a set of diagrammatic drawings interprets three traditional Chinese games -Ping Pong, Tai-Chi and I-Ching through a series of different lenses with alternative aspects of what it means to participate and play under a specific cultural context. It introduces the Chinese way of enjoying life through traditional and modern mathematical principles with simple visual elements and establishes obvious or hidden logic between them.

These drawings are not intended to provide one primary interpretation of a given name, instead, they articulate a particular way of visualising an activity, and by doing so they encourage viewers to speculate about other possible modes of analysis.decorated with motifs that represent the Chinese way of enjoying life, through traditional and modern mathematical games, such as Tai-chi, I-Ching and PingPong. It talks about movements and spaces.

The project contains an artist book and a pieces of porcelain vases, hand wheeled, painted with 9% gold and digital black motifs.

Dimension: 25-45 cm (height)

Price on request 

photo credit : JiXiaoTong