OffPrint Paris

All different, All equal will be launched at OffPrint Paris! 7-10 of November, 2019. Beaux-Arts de Paris 14 rue Bonaparte, 75006 Paris, France


not limited to one material or technique, but the argument of what is out-of-date and modern, mass and unique, useless and valuable

all different, all equal

All Different All Equal is a series slip-cased porcelain objects made by recomposed molds reclaimed from streets of Jing De Zhen, China. These moulds with classic ceramic forms are considered as out-of-date by local artisans, that in this project they are given a second life.


chinese games II

Chinese Games is a set of diagrammatic drawings interprets three traditional Chinese games -Ping Pong, Tai-Chi and I-Ching through a series of different lenses with alternative aspects of what it means to participate and play under a specific cultural context.

a bad mass production piece

Series of hand-stitched hanging textile composed by discarded material (trimmed edges of large fabric at the end of woven process) from local Dutch industries. The idea is to reclaim the value of what is normally considered as "valueless".

liquid modernity

This piece of work propose a new way of treating the conflicts between “uniqueness” and “mass”, experimenting on how modern methods can also be used to produce exclusive objects. Conventional slip casting method is distorted by adding colour pigments and hand motion into porcelain slip to achieve unrepeatable patterns.


drawing trees

Textile from a set of drawings which are from an architectural proposal It is not Garbage. A time-based layered system constructed by Tokyo Homeless that aims readdress the identity of this abandoned side of Japanese society. Every location, age, height of the trees at the site is studied and analysed into a 3-dimensional network that establishes the basic geometry for the homeless group to follow as guidance to construct wooden sculptures.


propaganda anonymity

Prints originally from an architectural proposal. A new approach to the production of public space for disseminating political ideas that are currently censored, by emitting colour into air as a propaganda message sent to the city.


drawing is not only representative but also where new knowledge can be obtained

chinese games I

Chinese Games is a set of diagrammatic drawings interprets three traditional Chinese games -Ping Pong, Tai-Chi and I-Ching through a series of different lenses with alternative aspects of what it means to participate and play under a specific cultural context.

the 3rd summer palace

Of a recent visit to the Old Summer Palace in Beijing...the curiosity of how culture is perceived distinctly through time and generation, from an empirical place for the king to escape the cruel summer to a popular photo spot, from idiosyncratic to touristic, from exclusive to popular, from modern to out-of-date.

bom bom bay

Diving into the imaginary landscapes both in micro and vast scale, with abstract maps, geographical contours, time-based movement of tide, plans, sections....


Limited edition screen-print poster created for the 1st edition of Paris based art and architecture magazine Pli, with the topic Hypertextuality.

Ruohong Wu remote landscape-2.png

remote island

a drawing decripes a group of fantacy islands.

ouzhou palace

program poster and web theme design for Forum Stadtpark, which sets out to translate current discussions on Europe into a spatial installation: A palace, open on two sides and consisting of elements and fragments derived from the European dream.


the aram gallery. beers london. somerset house. milan design week. antwerp art weekends. justmad madrid. new york times…



KU Leuven university

Ruohong Wu and Jose Quintanar are giving a lecture at CA2RE conference for Artistic and Architectural (Doctoral) REsearch, with the topic sampling ideas around books as public space. 5th of October 2019 at KU Leuven university in Ghent, Belgium in association with ARENA, EAAE and ELIA


London festival of design

As part of London Design Festival 2019, Ruohong Wu is invited to Tiipoi Talks at Delfina Foundation, with the topic OBJECT. 18 September 2019, 5:15-6:15pm, Delfina Foundation 29/31 Catherine Place SW1E 6DY


the Aram gallery

PROTOTYPES AND EXPERIMENTS, 18 July - 26 August 2019, Open Mon-Sat 10-6pm, Thurs 10-7pm. Address: 110 Drury Lane, Covent Garden, London, WC2B 5SG


Beers London

CONTEMPORARY VISIONS 2019, Preview: Friday 1 March 2019 (6­-8pm). Exhibition: 2 ­ – 30 March 2019. 1 Baldwin Street, London, United Kingdom EC1V 9NU



Read about the project All different, All equal at DEZEEN. “Ruohong Wu creates unique porcelain objects using Chinese mass-production techniques“ by Natashah Hitti, 9th January 2019


China Academy of art

Education project Square City at city design year 4 class, China Academy of Art. 20th November, 2017 to 27th January, 2018. Hangzhou, China


The New York Times

Illustration for The World’s Most Beautiful Mathematical Equation, at the New York Times. April, 2017


Somerset House, London

Chinese Games is exhibited at Somerset House, London with 21 other artists, designers and architect, during London Game Festival 2018, supported by British Council, Arts council England and Lottery Funded.  06 - 08 Aprill, 2018. New Wing, Somerset House, London